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Friday, August 04, 2006

Creampie Cuties Story

I realized that I need to invest in a remote shutter release. I couldn't set the timer to go off when I did, so I missed that decisive moment. Dang. But that was only part of my mind. The other part was focused on creampie cuties, and out of her too.
As I begin to erupt, I pull out so that only my head is inside for the first pleasurable squirt. The first is always the best, and I wanted to do that inside the woman I love. For the others, I pull all the way out and shoot load after load into creampie cuties. I laugh, because there is just so much semen! If you've seen the cover picture of my group, you'll know how much I can give up, and this time it is an even larger load. My lover claims that I am a heavy cummer, and I never thought I was, but there is no denying.
I did retain my wits, and rapidly prepared for the final creampie cuties pictures. I remove the dildo from her cunt, just as the fudgepie begins to drip down. I get many great photos of the creampie cuties draining out of her ass and down into her gaping pussy. I stage the last pictures, pinching her outer lips shut so that they would be covered in glorious white goo. My lover doesn't want a gangbang, but the staged pictures look like she has enjoyed one.
Finally, we are done. I remove the plastic wrap and she collapses onto her side. I lay next to her, holding her as she stretches out her legs. She tells me she hopes I am happy, and I said I am. I'll send her the pictures, but that I am keeping them for an exhibition or a coffee table book. They are art.
I also tell her that my next project is "nature pictures." She laughs, and said it'd be a cold day in hell before she lets me take sex pictures of her outdoors. I laugh too, but grab the wiffle ball gag symbolically. Her eyes go wide with understanding, but we kiss like the lovers we are.
My lovely Jamie made me breakfast this morning and we talked instead of having creampie cuties sex. One of the things we discussed was the prospect for threesomes. She's offered to let me try a MMF threesome whenever I ask and then said we'll do a FMF threesome on our first anniversary. Obviously, that got me thinking "some" and got me wondering what y'all think as well.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Creampie Cuties

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